Adirondack Review

“Martino would make Hemingway proud with his ability to get in and out of scenes without overstaying his welcome… The novel’s arc is crafted skillfully as it traces from spring training to a pennant race to a rousing near-denouement and then a swift change of direction, like a hard slider on the outside corner, before ending right where it started: in search of hope and something real again. Martino dazzles with his use of language, of scene-setting and description in his debut novel.”

The Advocate

“The drama that ensues changes both men in a book that’s illuminating and beautifully written. Even better: This isn’t a classic gay love story or a traditional coming-out narrative. In a world where there’s never been an active out pro baseball player, it’s about about a love affair between a man and his sport, the sort of classically masculine narrative in which gay men have rarely been visible previously.”

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